Holly Rose, stems from an incredibly creative family. A granddaughter to Bill and Lolly Fassett; creators, visionaries and developers of the famous Nepenthe Restaurant in Big Sur, California which is also home to the original world market; The Phoenix Shop. Daughter of Dorcas Jane, hand sewing applique quilt designer for over 40 years. Niece to renowned, London multi-platform designer, artist and author, Kaffe Fassett. Niece to Holly Fassett, operating partner of Nepenthe, Master Knitter and Pastry Chef, Niece to Kim Fassett Rowe, designer and creator of one of a kind baby blankets with hand crocheted edging, Sister to Gorgeous Big Sur Coastline Landscape photographer Richard Owens, of the Instagram account: Aurora Gold. And cousin to Romney Steele creator of Café Kevah, Oakland’s Cook and her Farmer Café and author of both My Nepenthe and Plum Gorgeous and Erin Lee Gafill, a highly accomplished still life artist, and local landscape paint artist, art teacher, author of many recent books and host to virtual art workshops including her collaborations with Uncle Kaffe.
I was always surrounded by creativity and color. Everyone in the family was always knitting, crocheting, sewing, writing, drawing, painting, cooking, and doing mosaics in the gardens. Color was everywhere and in all of us, we seemed to live and breathe it. Every home was full of paintings, mason jars of paint brushes & knitting needles and baskets overflowing with gorgeous balls of yarn in every color spectrum.
I always saw creativity in the family as sort of a natural magical gift given down from our amazing Grandmother Lolly to all of us in our own special and uniquely gifted ways. Lolly was inspiring and the ultimate influencer for all of us and who also instilled the endowment to share it.
Big Sur is a beautiful place; a rugged unique coastline that calls to many and in its beauty there is a hardness. A harder way of life. You celebrate the harder way of doing things and get resourceful and creative!
For me, there is such a happiness working with Uncle Kaffe’s fabrics. They are so beautiful and fun to mix and match together. I never know what the outcome will be, I just know that when I start to lay out the fabrics- if I absolutely LOVE IT then I know everyone else will too. I am in love with the process and it brings me so much joy to make them. I love that I discovered lampshades as my canvas for my art, 20+ years ago because it allows people to obtain a gorgeous, hand sewn, functioning piece of handmade art for their home! Thank you for loving and supporting my art!
Love Holly