There is SO much joy in creating things that YOU love and then seeing other people Love them too! Its the best! Lampshades are a perfect way to really add fun, whimical charm to any room. They can be made for any type of personality as well. I love going into people's homes and seeing the way they live. The more eclectic the better. Although I certainly appreciate simple and modern, clean lines. Any design done well totally captures me. I love details. I spent my whole childhood obsessed with the placement of things and threw myself into interior design education as soon as I was able. That didnt pan out for me but the passion for it is still alive and its fun to see all the different avenues in life that gift plays into. If I wasnt rearranging my huge bedroom for the millionth time I was playing 'store' with my brothers. I always wanted a store of my own. This isnt exactly what I expected but its a foot in the door and I am loving every minute of it. Holly 

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