It is SO incredibly rewarding to read the reviews from purchasers and hear how much people love my lampshades! Last year I was a part of the Open Studio's Tour and it was such a joy to meet people and see them appreciate my work. That was something I had always wanted to do! Forever. I wasnt actually sure if my 'art' would be accepted as they arent paintings or sculptures but they were. The funny thing was anyone who hadnt heard or read about me already all thought that I had painted them! I had to point out the stitches on the seams. Then, everyone thinks that I use a sewing machine. My mom had one of course but it seemed like everytime she sat down to it she spent the whole time threading the bobbin and it seemed too complicated and rediculous to me. I never got into them. I know that there are some incredible machines out there now adays - to the extent that I dont even know to be honest but I dont think they can do what I do. And, I love they are handmade and it takes time. 

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